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Creative Services


The Academy of Lower Thirds, Inc.

"Diamond" Package

Lead Designer: Zack Millican

(Twitter: @zackdm)

Designers: Kristy WeirAdam Snow

Project Manager: J. Marty Dormany

AcademyL3 celebrates a milestone in its evolution as a service provider. In partnership with a phenomenal design team, led by ZACK MILLICAN and supported by talent including KRISTY WEIR and ADAM SNOW, AcademyL3 has deployed its first end-to-end creative services package.

The "DIAMOND" package, conceived by Zack Millican and realized in Chyron LyricX for the CAMIO workflow, enjoyed a textbook launch at WRCB-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on August 6th. What a pleasure working with WRCB's creative team: Ronnie Minton and John Collins! And a ginormous 'Thank You' to Chyron's Joseph Turner for all his hard work during launch!

Moving forward, AcademyL3 will offer original, custom creative services packages. Unlike many larger design agencies, however, we will provide not only original concepts, but those designs will be "realized" in plug-n-play, ready-to-air graphics packages for Chyron Lyric PRO and LyricX , Ross Video XPression, and Vizrt. This model benefits clients in two key ways: in a typical scenario, a client purchases a design from an agency, then must hand those designs off to an integrator for template realization & data integration. This is followed by the inevitable back-n-forth: Expectation vs. Managed Expectation. This process burns both time & money. By working with designers who are intimately familiar with, in this case, LyricX's capabilities & strengths, months of intermediary process are eliminated, and the client saves time & money; this is especially important for non-network/O&O and non-group stations, where budgets are potentially of much greater concern. The DIAMOND package also represents the genesis of what will become AcademyL3's Evergreen Market. The Evergreen Market, expanding over time, will allow budget/time-conscious customers to browse a variety of pre-created looks available to re-skin, re-color, and re-brand to local non-adjacent markets, with deployment available for multiple CG platforms.

No market or job too large or too small; news, sports, arena, entertainment, government! Whether you're exploring original designs, or you've engaged an agency and require package realization, contact AcademyL3 for your broadcast rebrand!



Packages range from day-long consultations and "refreshers," tailored to your company's individual requirements, to week-long, syllabus-driven courses designed to enhance your artists' and designers' creative capabilities and maximize your workflow efficiency.

• CG Operations
• Basic Design
• Advanced Design & Logic
• MOS Template Preparation & Asset Management
• Newsroom User Training
• Station Group Discounts Available
• Periodic Classes at Special Rates exclusively for FREELANCERS!

Training is available at the client facility, online via Zoom, and at our office space in Manhattan (Harlem).

Email for more information; let us work with you to design a package that fits your needs, as well as your budget.

Data Visualization

Don't just present information to your viewers; visualize data for them. With enhanced, data-driven designs for Chyron™ Lyric PRO or LyricX from AcademyL3's creative services and data-integration team, you will:

• Inform your viewers with Elections Results, Maps, Balance of Power!
(Think ahead for

• Engage your audience by turning your viewer polls, sports, financial, and other data into Line, Bar, and Pie charts with points, averages, trends, and placed labels!
AL3Maps: integrate Google Maps directly into Lyric PRO/X or Vizrt!

StatShot: "data bridge" for SMT® advanced ice-time data for hockey.
• Crawl time-sensitive information quickly, easily, and seamlessly (include graphic story separators)!
• Track & Translate dynamic telemetry with animated meters!
• Functionality in both manual and NRCS/MOS/automation environments!

XLS(X), MDB, SQL, TXT, XML, RSS, JSON, Ap Web Feed, Google Sheets, etc... you provide the data; we supply the integration! And more good news:

• NO special plugins or expensive, complex licensing!
• NO subscription fees, account logins, or simultaneous user limits!
• YOU CONTROL COSTS by choosing a scaled amount and customization of designs right for your budget and broadcast environment.

Don't take our word for it; check out our testimonials. Start the conversation today! Contact AcademyL3.


Freelancer Training

Nothing is as important to clients as finding a pool of talented, well trained CG operators and designers, so learn from one of the most trusted names in TV graphics. Classes are customized for the freelance operators or designers and range from refreshers and new feature training, to operational classes, to week long design classes.

Freelance classes are taught at a flat rate per person, with a minimum number of three (4) attendees and a maximum of six (6) attendees. Classes can be taught at the AcademyL3 facility in Harlem on a limited basis, or online via Zoom. Course certificates are awarded at the end of a class based on the trainees' performance.

For details, logistics, and F.A.Q., click here.

Event Support

Our experts have a proven track record of successful launches involving design deployment with a variety of MOS-compliant NRCS, such as Ap ENPS, Avid iNews, Chyron iRB, Dalet; design-to-air integration with data aggregators, such as Avid Election Leader;  automation systems, including Ross Overdrive & Grass Valley Ignite; and on-site live event support, trouble-shooting, and problem solving.

Need emergency support you can rely on? Hourly rates are available for online technical support sessions, and day rates are available for on-site visits.

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