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As a cooperative network of broadcast professionals, we form "ad hoc" teams, with the members best suited to each individual project. Every strategic partner contracts and subcontracts with and to the others, forming the most dynamic, capable, end-to-end creative services team in broadcast graphics and data integration.


J. Marty Dormany 
Managing Director, Trainer, Designer

"JMD" began his television career as a Production Technician at WFLA-TV (NBC) in Tampa, FL, in 1995. His introduction there to the Chyron™ iNFiNiT! was “love at first sight.” Over the course of the following seven years, he advanced through the ranks as a research assistant, floor director, camera operator, Chyron operator, and technical director.

After a year as Technical Director for “SUNSHINE NETWORK LIVE!” (now FOX Sports Florida), Marty accepted a position as On-Air Graphics Supervisor at WUSF-TV16 (PBS), where he directed, as well as trained communication students in studio and control room operation.

Never forgetting his Chyron roots, Marty joined the team at Chyron Corporation in 2002, where in 10 years he served as Product Specialist, Design & Integration Specialist, and Director of Training & Freelance Relations, providing training and support for some of the most-watched broadcast events in the world.

In 2012, Marty formed The Academy of Lower Thirds, Inc., and remains dedicated to bringing his experience and expertise directly to AcademyL3's clients.

Marty is a graduate of Hillsborough Community College-Brandon and the Florida State University, from which he holds degrees in Liberal Arts and Communication/Media Production, as well as a minor in Russian language. In May of 2022, Marty was awarded his first Emmy®.


Dave Bachman
Graphics Designer, Sports

DAVE BACHMAN is a graphic designer, operator and associate producer for Fox Sports and ESPN. Current design clients include the NHL, NCAA Schools, Fox Sports Regionals, Time Warner Cable Regional Sports Networks, Minor League Baseball, and many others. His proficiencies include Chyron Lyric, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects. As a graduate of Kent State University, Dave resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Bachman as he has designed and installed the Columbus Blue Jackets Chyron graphics package.  I consider Dave’s work to be of the highest quality, and would certainly put our graphics package up against any other in arena show in the country.  His designs are excellent, but he also is very good at criticism however large or small and implementing new ideas into his work.  He has been reliable to assist when we have had questions, and will quickly modify or create a graphic if we have a need for something new in a pinch.  I would strongly recommend Dave for anyone in need of this particular type of work.  I have little doubt he would meet or exceed their expectations. 

Jeff Coltoniak, Senior Production Manager

Columbus Blue Jackets - Columbus, OH

David Bachman has partnered with Hite Media Services since 2010. Since we first met David, he has helped us with our Chyron and graphics implementation at Missouri State University and at Hammons Field, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball affiliate - The Springfield Cardinals. David was crucial to our learning process of graphics implementation for our sports venues. He has created our stunning graphics packages from the ground up for football, basketball, & baseball. Because of David we have received many nods from the heads of The Missouri Valley Conference on the look and feel of our sporting events. Not only has David surpassed our expectations through graphics creation, he has propelled us with technical workflow to make our shows easier to run and better to look at. David is truly a professional at his craft.

Brandon Hite

Hite Media - Springfield, MO

I would highly recommend Dave Bachman to anyone seeking help with designing and building a Lyric graphics package for Duet.   Dave stepped up to the plate and bailed out a client by designing a graphics look the client was thrilled with and then building a versatile complete package that included animations and transitions found only in advanced network broadcast packages.  Of particular importance, Dave built the package on-time and on-budget.  Some of the advanced animations he built are rarely found in a Duet graphics package.  This provided the client with animations features usually only found in a Viz graphics package but with the reliability, flexibility and functionality of a Duet package.

Karl Kronenberger, Graphics freelancer

FOX Sports Ohio, TNT, TBS, United States Figure Skating, IceNetwork


Bianca Beck-Swaab
Project Manager & Graphics Designer, News

BIANCA BECK thrives on learning and understanding her customers’ technical and design workflows and offering them compelling solutions to their workflow issues. Bianca has worked in the Broadcast industry for over 22 years, which includes 12 years working for Chyron both in the UK and the USA. Whilst at Chyron she held positions as Trainer and Product Specialist, and then Product Manager. Those who know her, know her as an expert of newsroom workflow – or more simply the CAMIO Queen.

Bianca now works as a freelance Workflow Consultant and Lyric PRO/X, ChannelBox and Ross XPression Designer.


Selena Cohen
Project Manager & Graphics Designer

SELENA COHEN: Among the most prolific freelance Chyron designers, Selena has extensive experience with some of the most visible broadcasts in the industry, including the Olympic games in Sydney, Beijing and Vancouver; multiple Commonwealth Games, and World Cup Soccer.

Previously, Selena served as Product Specialist and Art Director for Chyron Corp., where she was largely responsible for successful client designs, including NBC Today & Nightly, YES Network, ABC Good Morning America, and the Golf Channel. Her latest work can be seen on NBC, The Street, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports.

“SELENA has a broad depth of broadcast graphics knowledge as well as an excellent personality for doing training and consulting…”



Rob Dalton
Software Developer & Rage Coder

ROB DALTON is a 14-year veteran of the television industry, having served as a build operator, control room operator, template designer and automation specialist, having worked with three different CG systems, including Chyron iNFiNiT!, Avid Deko and Chyron Lyric PRO, LyricX, and Prime. As a designer and programmer, he has built, programmed and maintained hundreds of templates for automated newsroom workflows for multiple networks and is a specialist in programming with Chyron's macro programming language (LEIF), having consulted and assisted with many programming problems, questions and challenges.


Charles Lin
Motion Graphics, 3D Design & Character Animation

CHARLES LIN is a motion graphics / visual effects artist and character animator. He currently works for Gray/Raycom Media's WBRC FOX 6 News. Some of his past work include projects for Electronic Arts, Kraft, Hewlett-Packard, and Ragdoll Worldwide (BBC, UK). Prior to being recruited by FOX 6, he enjoyed teaching his trade at Enterprise State Community College.

Charles is a prior service veteran of the United States Air Force. Although Charles speaks fluent English, he was literally made in Taiwan, and has the Chinese vocabulary of a 5 year old. His Spanish is not that much better, but thanks to Google Translate, he gets by, rather unimpressively. In his dubious free time, Charles strives to perfect "Blue Steel."

His proficiencies include Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Premier, Photoshop, and Nuke. He is also familiar with Chyron Lyric PRO, Newsticker/Expio, 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, and Illustrator.


Kristy Weir
Graphics Designer

KRISTY WEIR has more than 15 years' experience as a Chyron operator/designer and has worked throughout the world for Chyron Corporation as a Product Specialist. She spend 5 years as part of the EMEA team (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), as well as 2 years with Chyron APAC (Australia and Asia Pacific). Her work has included graphics rebrand launches for major broadcasters such as Sky News Australia, Fox Sports News Australia, Sky News UK (BSKYB), Sky Sports News UK, TV2 Bornholm Denmark, TV1 Kabul, as well as Media General, Time Warner Cable, and NBC. Most recently, Kristy has completed designer training in Ross Video XPression. At present, she is a freelance Chyron designer residing in Australia.

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