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If you had a great experience with us and would be so kind, contact us to "Thank The Academy!"



It was great working with you. The launch was absolutely seamless, and much of that was attributable to you!

Matt Speiser, VP of Operations

PBS NewsHour - Washington, DC

"...beat the competition on air"

Thank you to you and your team for last night… Everything on air went well and the numbers were there and populated on our fullscreens during all our printouts. It is the first time in 10 years that I can remember that we were able to beat the competition on the air with the numbers.


Mahalo for the help and attention to detail over the last couple of months.

Scott Humber, News Director

KHNL/Hawaii News Now - Honolulu, HI

"...fantastic and thorough..."

[AcademyL3] saved our asses a number of times with some very complicated problems. Marty is such a fantastic and thorough trainer and genius when it comes to on-air graphics. We at NASA Kennedy owe our success in a huge way to Marty and the Academy of Lower Thirds. We could not recommend him higher.

Chris Chamberland, Art Director

NASA's Kennedy Space Center - Titusville, FL

"...overwhelmingly positive response..."

Marty, thanks so much for hooking us up with David Bachman. He really went all out for us and created some deep, and elegant templates. I am so impressed with his speed and flexibility I am going to recommend him to all the other Art Directors in the Cox TV group.


Just wanted you to know how pleased everybody is — from the News Director, to producers and our viewers. We had an overwhelming positive response to this look and Dave was a big part of that. I hope to work with him again!

Cindy Kelly, Art Director

WFTV (Cox Media) - Orlando, FL

"...incredible service..."

Rob Dalton and the Academy of Lower Thirds provided us with an incredible service and helped us get our live election results graphics on-air for all the primaries. I have told anyone who will listen that he is the most responsive and professional freelancer I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend the Academy of Lower Thirds and Rob specifically to anyone who needs help with getting data into Lyric.

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to use you guys!

Vanessa Dennis, Director, Digital Design and Development

WETA/PBS NewsHour - Washington, DC

"If things are going to hit the fan THIS is the guy you need!"

I cannot emphasize enough how AL3 has helped and guided us in a new Chyron install. Marty is a true genius when it comes to navigating 3rd party vendors' graphics, putting everyone at ease; [he] is a true professional! A MUST hire for any broadcaster making a switch or going for a new graphics look! If things are going to hit the fan THIS is the guy you need!

Anastasia Forrestal, Director of Information Technology

WETA/PBS NewsHour - Washington, DC

"Knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced."

There are players. There are stars. and then there are superstars. Marty is the kind of trainer you pray you get...knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced. If you need to know chyron, this is the guy to talk to. I've been in television for 25 years and there are only a handful of people I could recommend without reservation. Marty is one of them.

David Randall, Art Director

WATE (Media General) - Knoxville, TN

"AL3Maps have been a game changer..."

The AL3Maps have been a game changer for Hawaii News Now. They have changed the way we are able to create maps and saved producers valuable time in getting maps to air in just seconds. Mahalo!

Mark Platte, News Director

KHNL/Hawaii News Now - Honolulu, HI


Marty you're a phenomenal teacher and it's really been our pleasure having you here.

Madeline Sturm, Senior Designer

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - New York, NY

"...the best Chyron teacher..."

I've taken a lot of Chyron training courses over the years - including 4100 and iNFiNiT! You are the best Chyron teacher they ever had.

Patricia Szenher, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Hofstra University - Long Island, NY

"Proper education makes all the difference in the world."

Marty was amazing. He is exactly what we needed. This weekend we were running a much higher quality event because of his assistance. Literally within 5 minutes our eyes were open to the better way of doing things. Proper education makes all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend him in any Chyron training situation.

David Leuschner, Executive Director of Technical Arts

Gateway Church - Dallas, TX


"...the BEST Chyron class I've ever taken."

Your 5-day design class was just what I needed to get a fresh perspective on my work. It was by far the BEST Chyron class I've ever taken. And getting to spend a week discussing font philosophy with the guru of all things Chyron was a mind-expanding experience. I can't wait to put everything I learned to use on my next build.

Melinda Gray, Chyron Designer

Freelance - San Diego, CA


" expert in customer service..."

Marty is not only an expert in all things Chyron and Broadcast Graphics, but an expert in customer service and providing his clients with all of the tools they need to be successful. At the Denver Broncos, we've worked with Marty off and on for the past decade and have always been satisfied with his commitment to providing the best in support, training and overall advice when it comes to broadcast graphics and integration. In addition, there is no one more deeply embedded in the industry. When we recently made the choice to change CG platforms, I reached out to Marty and was excited to find out that even though we were no longer using his platform of choice, he was still able (and more than willing) to provide references for designers and resources that could help us in our transition. Marty will continue to be a solid resource for us in the future and I hope to continue learning from him and the dozens (if not hundreds) of other operators/designers I have come across that think so highly of him as well.

Ryan Kehn, Associate Creative Director

Van Wagner Big Screen Network Productions, LLC - Raleigh, NC


"...He's my guy when I need help."

As I like to say, my claim to fame in this business is that I was the first person Marty trained on the Duet… EVER. Over the years, I know operators and designers who would rather wait six months than be trained by anyone else. His Chyron career consisted of a constant waiting list of people wanting to be trained by Marty, and Marty only. I’ve designed and built many packages over the years. Trust me when I tell you this, he’s my guy when I need help.

Zack Millican, Graphics Designer/Operator

Painted X - Boston, MA


"...One of the most in-demand broadcast professionals"

Marty and I have worked side-by-side for many years. His experience with the entire broadcast process, not just his expertise in graphics design; provide Marty with a complete view of the video production workflow. Marty has excellent communications skills and a vast knowledge of graphics processes and implementation. This gives both Marty and his customers the confidence that the job will be done correctly and on-time.

My first meeting with Marty was while he was a vendor supporting my company in a high profile change-over in graphics technology. Marty made the project seem effortless to the technical team in the background, while the change-over occurred without a single mishap on-air for the most watched morning news program in America.


I have seen Marty break down complex requirements into simple steps that become easily executed. His success with demanding customers ranging from small corporate facilities to large network organizations has made him one of the most in-demand broadcast professionals in North America. Marty’s soothing demeanor allows for a great working relationship in what is normally considered to be a high-stress environment. It is always a pleasure to work with Marty, and his work speaks for itself.

Patrick Twomey, Marketing Product Manager - Technical, XPression

Ross Video, Iroquois, ON, Canada


"...much loved in the Chyron community..."

Marty Dormany is the preeminent trainer for Chyron products around the globe. He couples over ten years of experience working specifically as a Chyron trainer with 20+ years in Broadcast. Marty is extremely knowledgeable about all Chyron products and is especially attuned to the specific needs and requirements of Sports, News, and Entertainment broadcast. Whether the training and support needs are in design or playout, manual or automated, Marty has dealt with the situation and advised people working in that arena. He is creative in his problem solving and has written up several valuable documents in a clear and simple way that people will be referring to for many years to come.

Personally speaking, Marty is wickedly sharp, smart, and hilarious. He is much loved in the Chyron community of users and stories of his humor and training are passed around like campfire tales. He is professional, efficient, and very well respected by stations and networks who hire him through the Academy of Lower Thirds for training.

Cheryl Hardy, Product Manager CAMIO

Chyron - Melville, NY


"...The best..."

Marty is perhaps the best On-Air Graphics designer I've ever worked with. His knowledge of computer graphics and software is outstanding. His work ethic and interpersonal skills are exceptional. He was with us during our transition from analog to digital. His talent with graphics hardware and interfacing with our legacy equipment amazed even the Chyron reps.

Clyde McCain, Production Manager (Ret.)

WUSF Public Broadcasting - Tampa, FL


"...He enjoys [...] sharing his expertise with others."

I worked with Marty when he was first getting into television while we both worked at the NBC affiliate in Tampa. He was always eager to learn and knew the importance of paying strict attention to detail. He prided himself on doing his job well and on time. Plus, he was fun to be around. All of those traits have served him well over the years. After leaving WFLA-TV, Marty and I have stayed in touch and shared stories of our professional journey. During our conversations and visits what I hear from him is how much he enjoys being an on-air graphics designer and sharing his expertise with others. Marty has a strong work ethic and can get along with just about every person in every level of television. Your company would benefit greatly from having him on staff or consulting for you.

Diane Roberts, Freelance Sports Anchor/Reporter

WUSA-TV - Washington, D.C.


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