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AL3Maps: Design Solution

Unlike many maps products for broadcast, AL3Maps is a design solution created for the small-to-mid size markets, where budgets make high-end subscription services prohibitive. AL3Maps is direct integration of Google Maps into Chyron Lyric PRO/LyricX & Prime, as well as Vizrt v.3 and Ross XPression v.8 and offers:
Tier 1 (Single Point) & Tier 2 (Multi-Point, Path-Map) static maps, which are sold separately.

• no logins, account management, or on-going fees

• works both manually and in MOS/NRCS environments

• fast, reliable service with no 3rd party "render farms"

• re-purpose maps as often as needed with no practical restrictions. (see user testimonials below video...)

   Ask about a 2-week trial!   


"The AL3Maps has been a game changer..."

The AL3Maps have been a game changer for Hawaii News Now. They have changed the way we are able to create maps and saved producers valuable time in getting maps to air in just seconds. Mahalo!

Mark Platte, News Director

KHNL/Hawaii News Now - Honolulu, HI

"...Get on air [...] quickly."

In WNY, we are using them consistently already. It is a great tool for us to get on air with quickly, especially on shifts when we don’t have graphics coverage.


Ed Buttaccio, News Director

Spectrum News - Rochester/Buffalo, Jamestown, NY

"It really helps..."

[It] really helps provide some depth to our coverage.

Jim Newman, News Director

Spectrum News - Charlotte, NC


The maps are a great tool for our producers.

Rick Willis, News Director

Spectrum News - Raleigh, NC

"I like it!"

I don't see a reason why a TV station with Lyric would not want to use AL3Maps, or as we call them, "Marty Maps."

Will Tapper, News Operations Manager

WECT/WSFX - Wilmington, NC

" much easier."

Thanks to @AcademyL3 making maps is so much easier. And going to 'air' (well the web) such a fast way to make maps. Thanks Marty! (via Twitter)

Mark Sugarman, Art Director

Jim Cramer's TheStreet - New York, NY

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