The Ops Market
In response to clients' frequent requests for recommendations for freelance graphics operators across various regions and with skills on a variety of platforms, AcademyL3 is pleased to offer The Ops Market. Browse for talent with the skills and experience you require, accessible in your region!


Note that this exciting new section will expand constantly! If you don't see anyone in your region, check back often! If you'd like to recommend someone to be included in this freelance marketplace, please contact us! If you're an operator and would like to be featured here, please send a professional bio, headshot, and contact information to AcademyL3 for consideration; no cost, no strings!!!


Sarah Anderson

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Avid Deko, Harris Inscriber, Ross XPression, Vizrt

Sarah is a freelance operator and designer based out of both NYC and LA and is happy to travel. After working on Chyron for Voice of America in Washington, DC, for 4 years, she moved to NYC where she used Harris and After Effects to design a music video channel that operates autonomously. She is proficient in Chyron Lyric Pro as well as Harris platforms, Vizrt, Ross XPression and Deko. Now she operates CG and cameras all over the world.
Language(s): English, Spanish

David Bachman

Columbus, OH, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO & LyricX, Ross XPression, Vizrt

Dave is a primary operator & designer for Fox Sports and ESPN, as well as other major networks for the last 7 years. During the fall and winter months Dave travels as a Fox NHL Viz Op and Associate Producer with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He is skilled and proficient in Chyron Lyric PRO and LyricX, Vizrt Trio / Bexel Box, and Ross XPression. A graduate of Kent State University, Dave resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Nick Benincasa

Orlando, FL, USA

Ross XPression

Nicholas is an XPression operator based out of Orlando, FL. After a year working with Ross Mobile Productions and a designers' course in XPression, Nick has become a seasoned operator working with clients such as ESPN, FOX Sports, and various local networks covering sports ranging from University of Miami Basketball scoreboard to AFL Football on FOX Sports, to National Pro Fastpitch Softball on ESPN. Nicholas is also a student at Rollins College finishing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, making him a versatile addition to any team in a technological environment.

Tom Bowles

Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

Tom Bowles has over 10 years of Sports Production experience and almost five working with Vizrt, Chyron Lyric PRO and various design work. After spending most of his formative years behind the scenes, winning two Emmys as an Associate Producer for NASCAR and even popping up on-air from time to time, he's building up his skills in the Operator world. He feels the biggest asset he brings to the table is the knowledge of production, what that side is looking for out of graphics design, and how to match that with the capabilities of both Lyric PRO and Vizrt. Experience with design in both Viz Artist and Lyric PRO; credits include three Daytona 500s, the World Series, NCAA's Final Four, and more. Clients have included ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX, Sportvision and smaller shops like Kitay Productions.

Jarod Breshears

Spokane, WA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross Video XPression

Jarod is an Operator and Designer on Chyron Lyric PRO and Ross XPression.  Some of his credits include ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, TSN, ROOT Sports and SWX.   He is a graduate of the University of Idaho and resides in Colfax, Washington (within the Spokane Region) and is available to travel when needed.
Profile Pic.jpg

Andy Brill

NYC Metro Area, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross Video XPression, Vizrt

Over 25 years in the industry, originally primarily working as a graphics operator and graphics coordinator/producer. Further experience also includes graphics package creation/design/integration for XPression and Chyron-based projects.

Worked for hundreds of various clients in sports, entertainment, news, and corporate events. Experience with both live remote and live studio shows, as well as content for post-production. A sampling of the many shows/clients worked for include Olympics, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Grand Slam Tennis, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, CBS News, ESPN, ABC News, Yahoo Finance, Ross Mobile Productions, ESPN, and Home/Away feeds for multiple NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. 
Strengths include attention to details and specifics, as well as being responsive to ideas and client input. Extremely fast at replying to all forms of communication - whether it's email, phone, text, or messenger pigeon - you'll always hear back right away!

Lisa Marie Cimini

Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Certified Vizrt Artist Designer, Vizrt Trio Operator

I have worked in the field of Broadcast Graphics for the past 20+ years. I was an iNFiNiT! Operator in the 90’s and moved to Chyron Lyric Pro. I’m also a Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer. I can take any concept from the beginning and create an entire graphics package for sports, news and entertainment! I can also design Vizrt Virtual Studios! I own the professional version of Viz Artist and Trio software and can design from home if needed. I have worked on all professional and college sporting events including NBA Finals, Super Bowls, World Series, PBA Tour, Indy Racing and many more. One season I covered 17 Indy races for a Brazilian Television Company (entire broadcast was in Portuguese). I have also worked several entertainment events and conferences including both Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I have national and global experiences in 50 states, 25 counties and five continents! I am excellent in what I do and I look forward to working with you!
Language(s): English, Italian, some Spanish

Amanda Crossley

Toronto, ON, Canada

Chyron Lyric PRO

Amanda has been working as a Chyron operator/designer since she entered the industry in 2002. Her career began in the newsroom, followed by almost 10 years at a public broadcaster in Toronto. In 2013, she made the move to New York City to work as a freelance trainer for Chyron, and the following year she returned to Toronto to augment her freelance work as an operator for Toronto stations as well as sporting arenas. She is currently working full time at Rogers Sportsnet and continuing to help her clients in the freelance world.
Language(s): English, French

Mike Delavan

New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt Trio & Content Pilot

I started as a Graphics Coordinator with VH1 assisting in designing and building on air graphics on Chyron Lyric Pro for their two former morning shows, Big Morning Buzz Live and The Gossip Table. During that time, I took operator and design training classes at Chyron to build an even more in-depth knowledge on it. I then moved to SNY as a Viz Operator and Artist. Currently, I now fill my time in New York City and New Jersey at SNY, Al Jazeera America and MLB Network operating Viz Trio and Viz Content Pilot. I am constantly working hard to obtain work with companies where I can show my talent and passion for production. My education and previous work experience have provided opportunities for me to work efficiently on my own as well as part of a team, which I know, is critical in the control room. I believe that my ambition, confidence, personality and skill set would be a positive addition to any organization.
Language(s): English, Italian

Paulo Dias

San Diego, CA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO

Freelance designer and operator specialized in (but not limited to) action sports. Previous work includes creating concept, designing and operating packages for events such as: Volcom Pipe Pro, HIC Pro (surfing), Vans Pool Party, Red Bull Hart Lines, Tampa Pro (skateboarding), Vans US Open (BMX). Experience also operating at several PAC 12 games, APAC (golf) and Fed-Cup (tennis), corporate, etc.
Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese

Russell Dunn

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO

Multi-talented, hard working dedicated. That’s what I bring to the table. Will make a tangible difference on any production. Here are some comment from clients and colleagues:

Jason Martinez Director, MSNBC
I've had the pleasure of working with Russell for several months now. He is consistently engaged in the task at hand and gives 100 percent all the time. Russell is a team player who is committed to the project and will do his best to go above and beyond all the time. I am happy to recommend him, he is has the drive and experience that can only enhance your team.

Richie Namm, Director/Producer
I first met Russell when directing Billboard's Live concert series He adapted our somewhat lacking graphics package into something that would work with the various video trucks that were contracted for the job. He became an important go-to guy when it came to graphics and a custom on-air look for us in our inaugural season. Knowledgeable and reliable, fun to work with and very creative, I would recommend to all.

John B. Field, Technical Director at Television Techniques
I know Russell as an accomplished CG operator. With much creative power and efficiency, Russell can get any job done from live award shows to post. I strongly recommend Russell Dunn.

Paula Fichman

(Welcome to Fabulous) Las Vegas, NV, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

99% ESPN; began in January, 1982, became a freelancer in December, 1992, and I am now a hybrid 'Regular Remote Employee' of Disney/ESPN, with some flexibility allowed for working with other clients. Very honestly, I can say I'm very, very proficient on the Viz, having been on the machine on a regular basis since 2005. Show-wise, I've truly done a little bit of everything and many, many diverse sports but my pride and joy has been my tenure on Sunday Night Football/Monday Night Football on ESPN. I have been on the show since 1994. I also have a lot of MLB, NBA, CFB and CBB under my belt.
Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese

Michelle Garcia-Alatorre

St. Pete Beach, FL, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Adobe Creative Suite

20+ years in television graphic design & animation, including live corporate shows, television news, sports, education and entertainment. Ability to produce graphics which present, promote, brand, and reinforce the client's primary objectives in one complete package. In corporate video & entertainment, I strive to create keyable show graphics in innovative, dynamic ways using the best choice of current industry-standard graphics platforms. Experience with coordination & integration of data feeds with live graphics in new & sports television as well as live corporate shows. Expert ability using innovative and creative ways to accommodate the specific graphic needs of clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations. A graduate of the University of Florida, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication (TV Production) in the College of Journalism & Communication. Good, Cheap, Fast… pick 2!

T.L. Harper

Orlando, FL, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Vizrt

TL is a graphics operator with over 20 years experience in live sports and entertainment shows. She operates the Chyron, XPression and the Vizrt. She has worked with most networks including ESPN, ABC, CBS Sports Network, Nickelodeon, Disney & Fox Sports to name a few. She has worked three Super Bowls, Stanley Cup Finals, and NBA Finals. TL a very versatile operator who can adapt to whatever the client needs.

Richard Houston

Birmingham, AL, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

University of Alabama graduate with a home base in Birmingham, Alabama. I have 15 years experience as a graphics operator and AP. I am currently on loan to Fox Sports Southeast, traveling with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. I’ve worked most of the major graphics packages at some point in my career.  Fox, ESPN, NBC/Comcast, CBS, etc, etc, etc. Looking for someone that has worked NBA? MLB? NHL? College Events? I’m your guy.

Natlie Johnson

New York, NY

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Vizrt

Natlie is an enthusiastic, driven on-air graphics operator whose training and experience include Chyron, Vizrt, and most recently Ross XPression. Recent and current work include: TheBlaze, NBC News, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and A&E's [LIVE•PD]. She is available for news, sports, and entertainment, both studio and remote.
Language(s): English, Spanish

Joseph Johnston

London, England, UK (available to travel worldwide)

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt Artist & Trio, Aston Ethose & Red, Avid iNews

Primarily aligned to Sky Sports News & Sky News, my core tasks vary day to day from dealing with client needs; planning, overseeing and managing projects to dealing with current and breaking news stories. I’m responsible for the production, design, development, creation and transition to screen of live and post production studio graphics. I am also in charge of the planning and management of various projects through the annual calendar along with Sky’s full rebrands. This work is across all of Sky’s many platforms including TV, digital media, social media and online content.  In my many years of experience I have mastered various studio graphic equipment including Chyron Lyric Pro 8, Vizrt and Aston and have helped develop and integrate new systems, software and updates in to Sky. I have extensive knowledge with all of these systems as well as Avid iNews and Sky’s own in house results software and have worked all over Sky Studios and edit suites in London as well as on many outside broadcasts. I am comfortable in a management position as well as remaining fully operational where needed. I have also developed my career further by becoming more involved in training of new and junior staff through group demonstration and on the job work. My role allows me to demonstrate leadership, organisation and communication in a fast paced and highly deadline driven environment where I am often under pressure. I am comfortable working alone or as part of a team possess deep knowledge of current affairs and sport along with a real eye for detail – all of which are an absolute necessity in this role where my work is viewed by millions of customers. Through my work at Sky I have enjoyed travelling extensively across Europe and internationally which has given me rich cultural appreciation.  

Alex Katz

New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

Freelance operator/designer with extensive design work in Chryron Lyric Pro as well as operating Chryon and Vizrt for CBS Sports, NBC, and ABC. Experience with sports, news, and entertainment. A graduate of Columbia University, Alex resides in New York, though has done travelling for the Super Bowl, Final Four, and Army-Navy Game and is willing to continue minor travel.
Language(s): English, Hebrew, some Spanish

Cathy Knauer

New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

I am a freelance Chyron Lyric and Vizrt operator with over 20 years of experience in sports, corporate and entertainment television. My most recent jobs have been with NBA, NHL, MLB, and college sports for Fox and CBS/CBSSN.

Dave Kroner

Orlando, FL, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO & CAMIO, Avid Deko, Vizrt

Dave Kroner has over 18 years experience in Sports Programming in both graphics operation and development.  His résumé includes being a Sr. Graphics Systems Developer at ESPN from 1999-2011. He held the title of lead on productions that include College GameDay, College GameNight, NFL, Tennis, NBA, PGA, NHL, CBB, CFB, NASCAR, MMA, X GAMES and he worked on just about every studio show ESPN produces.  He has been awarded a Sports Emmy for both SportsCenter and Sunday NFL Countdown.  At ESPN he worked on iNFiNiT!, Deko, Duet, and VizRT.  In 2011, Dave moved the family to Denver, CO, and took a position supervising the insert graphics department for Root Sports.  As the Sr. Graphics Systems Developer, he worked with four Sports Regional Networks including RS Rocky Mountain, RS Pittsburgh, RS Seattle and RS Houston.  Dave has mainly worked on development of insert graphics but has a passion for graphic operating.  Additionally, Dave is proficient working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. Also an entrepreneur, Dave is owner of XOC, a nation-wide mobile obstacle course.

Adam Newman

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Vizrt

Adam is a graphics operator who specializes in live television, with years of experience with NBC Sports and YES Network. He is an avid sports fan who learned the basics of television while spending many weekends as a researcher for NBC.  Before going full time as an operator, Adam spent nearly ten years catching typos and misspellings as an editor at a scientific journal publisher.  He is familiar with Vizrt operation and is currently learning Ross XPression.

Terrence Quinsaat

Honolulu, O`ahu, HI, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO

Aloha... I'm a partner in Hawaii's Production and Engineering Group, servicing diverse clients. My visual creations have appeared extensively in Honolulu's broadcast industry, in such shows as Merrie Monarch, Oceanic Sports, and Hoku's & Kamehameha Song Contest. Previously I worked at PBS Hawaii as Crew Chief largely in charge of the production studio for 12 Years, some works include Leahey and Leahey, Na Mele, and Insights.
me pic.JPG

David Randall

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Chyron Prime, Ross Video XPression

David has been in broadcasting for 30 years, with design experience at network affiliate stations across the country (WFMY, KPNX, WBIR, and WBNS) as well as working for Scripps Networks (HGTV, DIY, Food Network) as a Broadcast Animator. He has been the Art Director of an ABC affiliate station, WATE-TV in Knoxville, as well as for the Nashville Design Center, an in-house creative agency for the Nexstar Media Group where he helped create graphics packages, logos and custom branding for over 170 TV stations nationwide. He is also the also the co-founder of Versa Design, LLC in Jacksonville, Florida.
He can handle a wide variety of creative tasks including broadcast design and animation, 2D/3D logo design, traditional print work, and large format specialty items like TV studio set elements, promotional banners, outdoor signage and vehicle art. He also have experience with both Chyron Lyric and Ross XPression and can build data-driven scenes in Chyron Prime.

Alain Savoie

Toronto, ON; Halifax, NS; and Montréal, QC, Canada

Chyron Lyric PRO, Avid Deko, Harris Inscriber, Ross XPression

Alain is an experienced graphic designer and cg operator, with 15 years working experience in the television industry.  He has launched 5 networks and countless shows (Sports, News, Talk, Elections), creating the graphic elements from scratch to making sure they work well in operation.  Skilled in all Adobe platforms as well as 3DS and C4D, adds to the inner workings of the CG systems and workflow to better deliver requirements whether it's for live manual operations, GUI assisted or MOS automation.  He has been involved with every network in Canada in some aspect.  While not operating or creating, he travels the world training and establishing workflows in such cities as Moscow, Jakarta, Liverpool, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Caracas, Lima, Panama City, and various locations across North America.
Language(s): English, French

Lisa Settles

Kansas City, KS, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Vizrt

I am a freelance graphics operator from the Kansas City area who loves sports, television production and loves to travel. I have 35 years experience in television production and sports graphics. I have worked for CBS Sports, Turner Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, ERT, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, ABC Sports, Sportstaff (KC) and various other entities. I have worked 8 Olympics, 3 Super Bowls, NBA Finals, NBA playoffs, MLB playoffs, NHL playoffs, NCAA tournament, Wimbledon, NFL package for NBC (in the 90s) and for CBS since 1998, NBA and college basketball, MLB, beach and indoor volleyball, soccer, NASCAR, gymnastics, bowling, boxing and various other sports as well as the National Spelling Bee and shows for The Masters and U.S. Open (golf). I can adapt to any sport or event the client presents. I am available for any event, whether sports or entertainment.

Ashleigh Strange

Lehigh Valley, PA, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO & LyricX

Ashleigh is a professional, motivated Chyron Lyric Pro operator that has worked in sports and special event broadcasting for two years in Pennsylvania. She attended training for Lyric Pro 8.8 at the Chyron Headquarters in Melville, NY.
Willing and ready to travel to other states to operate for any event.

Ron Tocci

New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO

Highly experienced freelance Chyron operator with over 15 years of experience in both studio and remote settings. Ron has worked mainly in sports and entertainment as well as some corporate jobs. Credits include: 2 Olympics, Super Bowl XLIX, 2 Stanley Cups, NBA Playoffs, numerous MLB, NBA, NHL, college football & basketball games, VH1 and A&E network. 2-time Emmy award winner as well as Emmy nominated for Graphic Design on Super Bowl XLIX. Other skills include Vizrt and Adobe Photoshop. Ron is based in the New York Tri-State area but is available for some travel as well.

Elaine Verrier

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chyron Lyric PRO, Ross XPression, Vizrt, Adobe Photoshop

Grew up in the biz & have done gobs of news, morning shows, telethons and sports gigs (NHL, CFL, MLS). I work n' play hard and love eating noodles!

Troy Wright

Belton, MO, USA

Chyron Lyric PRO, Vizrt

Viz, Duet, iNFiNiT! (yeah right anymore), 4100 (yeah right anymore). Credits: ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, many more. I'm good.

Editor's Note: Short and to the point!
AcademyL3 :-D

Howard Zryb

New York, NY, USA

Chyron Lyric Pro, Ross XPression, VizRT, Adobe CS, Cinema 4D

Howard is a New York-based designer/operator with 30+ years of graphics experience in building packages and working live events in news, sports and entertainment. Howard has worked for all the major networks, 3-letter and 4-letter varieties, picking up 5 Emmy Awards in the process. Travel is not an issue.