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Did You Know... that professional hockey arenas and broadcasters subscribed to SportsMEDIA Technology® (SMT®) data have access to a live feed of in-game and historical player data, including: by zone, time-on-ice, distance skated, speed, and more... until now, this data has been inaccessible without a software developer or custom application.

StatShot is an annual subscription-based application (currently available for Windows only) designed specifically to access and sort NHL® advanced data, for in-arena and on-air presentation via integration with industry standard graphics systems:
• engage your attendees with comprehensive insight into player and puck statistics;
• take advantage of data already available to your arena;
• increase ROI of your existing contract(s) with SMT®;
• automatic access to updates with annual subscription;
Windows/Mac-agnostic migration to Python-based interface in-development/TBD.

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   Ask about a 2-week trial!   

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AcademyL3's StatShot™ "data bridge" exports as JSON or XML and can be integrated into:
• Chyron Lyric PRO, LyricX, and Prime
• Ross Video XPression
• Vizrt
• Interface with EDGE
(formerly OASIS) Tracking as well as Official Scoring using your existing credentials from NHL®;
• Stats can be configured for Imperial (US) or Metric units, as desired, and can be customized as to which data columns are displayed and in what order;
• Data is “near real time” and is updated every one (1) second;

Subscription includes installation document and walk-thru of data available;
• Contact AcademyL3 for pricing.

v2 Update: AcademyL3 is pleased to announce StatShot™ for researchers! Subscriptions are now available in research-only licenses (no JSON or XML output). These no-output licenses allow producers across your facility to load, access, and sort historical data from teams and games for research purposes with unprecedented ease and efficiency.


“StatShot is sports statistics translation made by people who get sports. The integration with Ross XPression & Dashboard is air-tight. We haven't come up with a use case that the folks at [AcademyL3] have been unable to deliver.” ... “StatShot is our Rosetta Stone for using advanced and traditional statistics to tell the story of the game.”
- David Traube

Senior Editor/Producer, Columbus Blue Jackets

Clients are responsible for familiarity with their graphics systems’ data-binding. Custom graphics packages, data integration, and live training are available at AcademyL3 and are quoted separately. Clients are responsible to obtain credentials from & maintain licenses to NHL® Advanced Data from SMT® and adhere to terms of service. AcademyL3 does not provide data.

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