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Did You Know... that professional hockey arenas and broadcasters subscribed to SportsMEDIA Technology® (SMT®) data have access to a live feed of in-game and historical player data, including: by zone, time-on-ice, distance skated, speed, and more... until now, this data has been inaccessible without a software developer or custom application.

StatShot is an annual subscription-based application (currently available for Windows only) designed specifically to access and sort NHL® advanced data, for in-arena and on-air presentation via integration with industry standard graphics systems:
• engage your attendees with comprehensive insight into player and puck statistics;
• take advantage of data already available to your arena;
• increase ROI of your existing contract(s) with SMT®;
• automatic access to updates with annual subscription;
Windows/Mac-agnostic migration to Python-based interface in-development/TBD.

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AcademyL3's StatShot™ "data bridge" exports as JSON or XML and can be integrated into:
• Chyron Lyric PRO, LyricX, and Prime
• Ross Video XPression
• Vizrt
• Interface wi
th EDGE (formerly OASIS) Tracking as well as Official Scoring using your existing credentials from NHL®;
• Stats can be configured for Imperial (US) or Metric units, as desired, and can be customized as to which data columns are displayed and in what order;
• Data is “near real time” and is updated every ¼ second;

• Subscription includes installation document and walk-thru of data available;
• Contact AcademyL3 for pricing.


Update: 8/2023: AcademyL3 is pleased to announce that StatShot™ now works with the Amazon Faceoff Predictor.

Update: 4/2023: AcademyL3 is pleased to announce StatShot™ for researchers! Subscriptions are now available in research-only licenses (no JSON or XML output). These no-output licenses allow producers across your facility to load, access, and sort historical data from teams and games for research purposes with unprecedented ease and efficiency.


“StatShot™ is sports statistics translation made by people who get sports. The integration with Ross XPression & Dashboard is air-tight. We haven't come up with a use case that the folks at [AcademyL3] have been unable to deliver.” ... “StatShot™ is our Rosetta Stone for using advanced and traditional statistics to tell the story of the game.”
- David Traube

Senior Editor/Producer, Columbus Blue Jackets

Clients are responsible for familiarity with their graphics systems’ data-binding. Custom graphics packages, data integration, and live training are available at AcademyL3 and are quoted separately. Clients are responsible to obtain credentials from & maintain licenses to NHL® Advanced Data from SMT® and adhere to terms of service. AcademyL3 does not provide data.

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