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HERMES 1 &  ICARUS 1 by Mythology MPS

Mythology MPS is a mobile production unit rental service based out of Harrisburg, PA. Our units specialize in tackling mid-sized, multi-camera live broadcasting/ webcasting and video productions.

We specialize in providing mobile video and audio production solutions through our full-service, webcast-ready mobile production truck and flypack for all of your live broadcasting needs!


We hold our quality and customer satisfaction to the highest standards. With our in-house broadcast engineers having over 80 years combined experience in the industry, we can help you make your productions mythic.

For additional information, price quotes, and booking, contact us.

HERMES 1 ⬅ Click HERMES for details!

Stocked, compact, and affordable the ‘Hermes 1’ Mobile HD production van is built out of a Ford e350. Equipped with a shoreline and internal 7.5kw generator and UPS redundancy, Hermes 1 allows for ultimate flexibility in any environment… whatever your powering needs may be. Three racks wide, we are designed to comfortably fit a skeleton-crew operation by housing a firm position for a director/producer, technical director, and graphics operator… with additional space for an engineer/camera control operator, audio operator, and production assistant.


Hermes features a 50 ft retractable mast equipped with a PTZ mounted dish for LOS point-to-point transmission for any live production needs. With internet access we can provide up to two different live video streaming services of your events to your audiences anywhere on any device with our media encoding hardware.

With our optional out-board trailer, we also add an additional position for graphics, replay, and engineer.

ICARUS 1 ⬅ Click ICARUS for details!

The ‘Icarus 1’ Mobile HD production truck/ flypack hybrid is built strategically to give you options when planning your broadcast. Don't have the room for a truck? The main unit carries all the gear in a three-rack-wide configuration (equipped with wheels) making it easy to take out of the trailer and roll into the facility. Powered with a shoreline and UPS redundancy!

The main unit carries positions for a Director, Producer, TD, and Video Shader. The additional positions can be broken out and set anywhere nearby! These positions include Graphics, Replay, Audio, and Utility. 

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