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HERMES 1 by Capital Area Communications

Stocked, compact, and affordable the ‘Hermes 1’ Mobile HD production van is built out of a Ford e350. Equipped with a shoreline and internal 7.5kw generator and UPS redundancy, Hermes 1 allows for ultimate flexibility in any environment… whatever your powering needs may be. Three racks wide, we are designed to comfortably fit a skeleton-crew operation by housing a firm position for a director/producer, technical director, and graphics operator… with additional space for an engineer/camera control operator, audio operator, and production assistant.


Hermes features a 50 ft retractable mast equipped with a PTZ mounted dish for LOS point-to-point transmission for any live production needs. With internet access we can provide up to two different live video streaming services of your events to your audiences anywhere on any device with our media encoding hardware.

For additional information, price quotes, and booking, contact Hermes1@academyL3.com

Ross Carbonite Production Switcher


24 simultaneous HD/SDI inputs and 10 outputs with the ability to take in up to four HDMI or Composite/Component inputs. Color correctors and proc amps on every input… Ability to upconvert your SD sources to HD. External Dashboard control system GUI runs on side PC for ease of use. 2 Full ME and 4 MiniMEs for a total of up to 16 Keyers utilizing 8 channel DVE + two chroma keyers. Support for live EDL.

5 JVC GY-HM890 Fiber Optical Studio System


With 2 Fujinon - XT20SX4.7BRM 20x zoom HDTV Lenses and 1 Fujinon 18x zoom ENG Lens with 2X Extender… including zoom/focus controls. Remote camera control units in the truck. 3 Manfrotto - 509HD Video Head with 545GB Tripod Legs. Various Marshall, Black Magic, and Ikan Studio/Field Monitors. Other lens configurations available pending separate price quote basis.

Ross XPression GO


Multi-layered single channel input/output system with integrated Datalinq functionality to allow connectivity to external data sources such as: XML, ADODB databases, RSS feeds, Excel spreadsheets, text files, sports scoreboards, and other custom feeds. Includes ability to playback clips with embedded audio for promos or commercial breaks. Runs on an ASUS Thunderbolt laptop and AJA i/o XT. Powerful native connectivity to our Ross switcher and dashboard via the Rosstalk protocol for remote control.

Allen & Heath - Qu-16 Digital Mixer


16 Mic/Line Inputs and 3 Stereo Inputs, recallable preamps, 16 buses and 4 stereo FX returns, built-in processing and effects. Telex-based headset system with A/B party lines. Single channel IFB with mix-minus capabilities.  Various microphone types. Blackmagic audio monitoring.

Ross Video Blackstorm Video Server

Video Server

With two dedicated playout channels and playlist functionality. The server is controllable via Ross Dashboard client on our network. Enabled for switcher control via AMP protocol (Cue and Play commands.) Ideal for playout of commercial video spots, looping backgrounds, replay wipes, and more!

NewTek 3Play 440

Replay System

Get a second look with our 4 in, 2 out slow motion replay system. You can use this box in the traditional replay workflow or even for simple quick record and playback functionality.

5 Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro SSD recorders

Capturing Capabilities

With routable auxiliaries outputs from our switcher we are able to take 5 simultaneous recordings of any combination for program redundancy, iso records on camera sources, or independent clean-feeds.

Live Video Web Streaming Capable

Internet Video Streaming

IP streaming is supported with a rich set of video networking protocols including UDP, and RTMP or HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which allows connections to popular CDN’s for web steaming applications, internal monitoring or streaming to set-top boxes and mobile devices.